Thursday, February 28, 2008

A rack of Dolly

So in the original version of the universe, Heidi and I would have been headed up to Minneapolis to see the one and only Dolly Parton live in concert on the opening show of the Backwoods Barbie Tour. But, showing once again how any publicity is good publicity, Dolly's famously well-endowed chest caused some back problems that forced her to postpone the concert. This proved to be quite fortunate for us because we are stuck in the middle of a winter that will not end. On a day that we would have had to trek north several hundred miles, it snowed. Again. And the wind whipped that snow all around making driving less than fun.

I noticed this blowing snow as I left to head to the cafeteria for lunch today. Stopping back from lunch a few minutes early to check my e-mail, I found the following in a message from Heidi.

And thank Dolly's rack for the backache, because have you seen the snow?

Seriously, that quote is well positioned to finish in the top five of the year. It nearly beats her comment about Debbie Harry being Anne Murray gone hard!

But props need to go to Mary who first referred to Dolly's breasts as a "rack" a couple Oscars ago. While I was lamenting her loss of the Best Original Song Oscar, Mary, ever the optimist, stated "Yeah, well at least she has a nice rack."

In other news:

After tempting fate all winter, I finally slipped on the ice on the way home. I could practically hear Nelson Muntz' "Ha! Ha!"

Our tax refund is scheduled to be deposited into our account on March 4th! I was starting to get worried about it. Anyone up for Guitar Hero?

I found myself in an e-mail conversation tonight with two very good pals and in it, we eventually began discussing Paula Abdul's "Vibeology." Call me crazy, but I kinda like that song! Not only does it have a super cool/cheesy spoken part (Vibeology/Now you ask "what does it mean?"/Why, it's the study of the chemistry between you and me,") but it also is the only song in which the horns are referred to as horny. Classic.

News of Madonna's new record is coming at us fast and furious now. We have an album title (Hard Candy) and a track listing. I even heard a VERY low quality 17 second leak of the song "Give It To Me" but I cannot discern my reaction to the song as I can just barely hear Madonna's vocals on it. No matter, the album will be out the last week of April and because I have been a Madonna fan, I am required to be excited about it. Despite my excitement, Heidi smells a stinker on its way. She's much more objective than I could ever be, so we'll see. The next things to leak will be the first single and the album cover.


Matt said...

Um...I'm ready for some Guitar Hero. Where do I sign up?

I'm guessing that Anna, being of slightly taller stature than other girls her age, may also have long fingers and could be a GH prodigy, just waiting in the wings...

Adem With An E said...

I just remembered today that I'd read - whilst at work a few days ago - on here about Paula's Vibeology, and completely forgot to come on here and comment.

My best friend Ben and I had a 'Vibeology' day last year; we were only allowed to listen to that song for 24 hours. It was pretty amazing.