Wednesday, February 13, 2008

He's listing

TKT did this little list thing over on his blog, and since we'll practically be blogging in tandem next week for Nerdery Week, I thought I'd give it a go. It was harder than I thought it would be!

- Twizzler's Pull and Peel Licorice, cherry variety.
TV Show - Doctor Who, Tennant version.
Movie - Between movies right now. The next one I want to see is King of Kong. Wil Wheaton said it made him want to spend about a hundred dollars in an arcade.
Breakfast Meal - Twin Cities Blend coffee from the co-op and those greasy hashbrown potatoes in the hospital cafeteria.
Lunch Meal - Whatever the hospital cafeteria ISN'T serving.
Dinner Meal - Tamale soup (at least that's what we had tonight.) It was yummy. Even Anna ate it!
Vending Machine Purchase - Dr. Pepper. It's not in the fountain at the hospital cafeteria. If it were, I'd probably weigh 500 pounds.
At This Point I Should Point Out - I generally don't drink regular pop. I will make exceptions, but it's liquid candy, empty calories and is bad for your teeth (says the coffee drinker.)
Pen - I'm grooving on the green Sharpie at work quite a bit. It's fun to write with.
For Laughs - Red Pen, Inc. Just discovered it, so it may get old fast, but I got some good laughs out of it today.
Don't Like - Robyn. In my circle of pop bloggers, that is complete and utter heresy.
Don't Care - College sports. In this college town (and as a man), that is complete and utter heresy.
Cartoon - Powerpuff Girls. Girl power rules.
He Who Can Do No Wrong - David Tennant. Seriously, the new Doctor Who? Fantastic. And he can even pull off drag convincingly.
She Who Can Do No Wrong - Madge. Even when she's bad, she's pretty good.
Best Monster - I'm with TKT on this as well...zombies! Like there's even any competition.
Worst Monster - Godzilla from the 1998 Godzilla movie. Heidi was seriously MAD at that movie. I like the movie for what it is (bad), but the monster. Dumb.
Most Over-used Monster - Killers in those torture porn movies. Thank God that genre has about run its course. Not scary, just gross. OK, except the Saw movies are not bad.
Best Natural Disaster - Hot Hail. There's just not been enough of it since Ming's death.
Worst Natural Disaster - Avian influenza
Shoes - Slip on shoes that need no laces. Shhh! I can't tie my shoes.
Tattoos - None for me. None EVER for me. Although I did say that at one time about piercings. So never say never, I guess. Although if I were a betting man, I'd bet on the no.
Neck Tattoos - Um, heck no.
Worst State in the Union - I can't do this! I'm sure they all have their fine points.
Best State in the Union - Ditto, I haven't even been to all of them yet!
I Wish I Had - PS2 so I could be playing Guitar Hero THIS VERY SECOND. See what has been unleashed?
I Wish I Didn't Have - so dang much debt.
Reading - The Other Side of the River. A book about race relations between two sister cities set against a backdrop of the death of an African American teenager in the early 90s.
Also Reading - Nothing else at the moment, although Monster Island is waiting in the wings.
Last Best Book I've Read - I totally dug The Rising. A cool twist on the zombie genre.

Fellow bloggers, give this a go if the spirit moves you.


God said...

Solid list! I never actually expected anyone to try and follow that completely random and dumb format.

Good on ya, Dan!

Stoked for NW next week. Should be interesting!

V said...

Nice list.
I have to agree with you guys on 1998's Godzilla! Total disappointment! I remember doing the AIDS walk during that time and Mathew Broderick was there promoting the movie as "size does matter". I was excited because I'm such a huge Japanese Monster movie fan. But this one sucked. Godzilla looked nothing like Godzilla.


Hey, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for linking to Red Pen, Inc.! Glad you're enjoying the site. :)