Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

This picture is from Curious George Wins a Medal. I had this book when I was a kid and that very same copy is now in Anna's room. For whatever reason, we laugh uproariously at this picture every single time.

We not only laugh at it, we laugh in anticipation of it. Several pages ahead of it, we start giggling until we finally turn the page and erupt into peals of laughter. No, it's not really all that funny, but it really tickles us for some reason. I think it's because of George's little head sticking out of that huge shirt. Maybe it's because he's pulling one over on the clueless farmers that were chasing him.

I actually quite like Curious George - I even don't mind the PBS show that is on now. As characters on PBS shows go, he's very low on the annoying scale. (Topping that list is Caillou and all the members of his family.) It won't be long before these kinds of books are "babyish" to Anna, so I still make the time to read them with her before bed.

Kind of a lightweight post tonight - it balances out last night's as well as the election returns. Polls are closing now in Iowa so time to start go obsessively reloading CNN's website.


mary35 said...

I love love love Curious George.

Dan said...

We do too (obviously!) But steer clear of the newer ones that are not written by H.A. Rey. They lack the spirit of the original books.

tim f said...

Hey Dan don't worry about the book being childish. Anna will grow into the history and art. Keep it on the shelf. Just catalogue it differently.

Dan said...

Tim, it's not going anywhere. If she rejects it, I'll just put it in my office next to the zombies and Aliens. ;)