Sunday, November 14, 2010

We haven't seen the last of her

I honestly don't have time for a proper post tonight. I've survived the to-be 9 year-old's birthday party today. It was actually kind of fun. She got this game yesterday from her aunt and uncle called "Bling Bingo" which we played at the party. If this pharmacy thing I'm doing doesn't work out, well, at least I know I have a fall back career as a bingo announcer.

But I did find this tonight - a new Cher song. FINALLY. It's from the movie Burlesque which I heard referred to this weekend as "how can this movie NOT be a flop?" I don't care, it looks cheesily bad and seriously, it has Cher in it so you know I'll be there. But getting new music from Cher has been like getting water from a rock these last 10 years or so, so this is a good thing. The song is "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" and is a cheesy Diane Warren ballad, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Now if we can just get a new album!! I don't care if it's full of Diane Warren schlock. Well, actually I do, but I'll forgive it because it's Cher.

A better post tomorrow. A certain 8 year-old in my house turns a year older.


M Jules Aedin said...

I am actually ridiculously excited for this movie. It is a perfect storm of all the bad-movie tropes I find delicious and perfect and addictive. And of course I love Cher, and after Bionic, I've had the weirdest affection for Xtina. ("Prima Donna" won me over in a big way.)

And that song just confirms it - it's exactly the kind of cheesy soulful ballad that I will put in my car CD player and sing at the top of my lungs for about three months, and then never listen to it again. XD

Dan said...

I'm totally going to Burlesque when it comes out. I don't care if I have to go alone. I'm not a super big fan of Christina (the vocal acrobatics make me kind of crazy) but the Cher factor alone has me in the door.

I think you might be the only person I know that liked Bionic! (I never really listened to it.)